Sabtu, 01 September 2012

[klubcinta] Breastfeeding Picture of the Day


Breastfeeding Picture of the Day

have a thing for bitches who breast feed in public, cuz they are
usually on some feminist mission to prove some kind of point that breast
feeding is natural and should be a human right, while I get to see
titties for fucking free, and more importantly, milk filled titties that
I normally would never see cuz they are suburban wives who don't talk
to my kind….It is the kind of shit that I sing love songs to myself
while tending to my erection through my pocket, the natural process of
life from mother to child is so erotic, so long as she keeps her vagina
in her pants and I don't have to deal with that stiched up mess…..
sent this into me, and it made my day, so I decided to share it with
you, cuz to some of us, these feminist hippie bitches on a mission to
get breast feeding pics legal on Facebook in werd coilitions, are the
only tits you get to see whne you leave your house…

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