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[klubcinta] Lindsay Lohan: Fashion Thief !! - 11 pics


LindsayLohan: Fashion Thief !! - 11 pics Class-act and designer extraordinaire Lindsay Lohan is beingaccused of stealing designs, according to People.com. What's worse is that thedesigners she ripped off haven't yet been acknowledged by the fashion industry.One in particular, a geometric dress, bears a striking resemblance to one thebrainiac wore last month by designer Jen Kao. Kristi Kaylor, president ofLohan's fashion line, 6126, made the following statement to defend the"designer."

"The alleged 'copying' claims made by these companies arefalse and have absolutely no merit or validity whatsoever. Any allegedsimilarities are purely coincidental. The 6126 illustrations for the upcomingfall 2010 collections do not even describe the fabric content, fit or actualconstruction details of the garments. This is merely an accusation based upon apencil sketch with no concrete viable evidence to back up the allegations."Complete picture gallery below. Enjoy!

Complete picture gallery at http://adance.net/2d


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